When I shoot, I live


Ruslan Nurgaliev

A member of Russian Union of Art Photographers

A member of Russian Union of Artists


Saratov, Russia


I started my  career  as a design engineer. But I was always haunted by my child’s memory of making black-and-white photographs with my father. I bought my first digital camera in 2005 and with passion and thrill of joy  I  started filling the inner emptiness.

If we are talking about  favorite objects and topics, I can hardly mention anything  permanent.  Everything is changing around us.  My  world view  and interests are also  changing.

The fact is that the result of my work either positive or negative inspires me. If I like the result of my work, if I think that that is it, then I am inspired for a new creative pursuit.  If I don’t like the work I’ve done,  it encourages me to  improve my work.

And certainly  arts,  all sort of  interesting  work  in  painting, music, photography also   inspire me…

Now I use Canon EOS 5D IV camera. Among my accessories there are certainly LED spotlights.

I am pleased to call the such influential artists for me as: Salvador Dali, Kazimir Malevich, Juzeppe  Archimboldo, Pablo Picasso.

There is no recipe for making good photography. I think that any photography has the right to life. The main thing is to believe in it.